The color that my sister loves
The name of my favorite fruit
The color of a weakened root
The color of a messed up suit
The color of a piece of paper
The color of a drink
The color of a Halloween veggie
It reminds me of the beach
It’s the color of a ripe ripe peach
The color of a rare rare bleach
I love orange


Green is the color of the beach water
It’s the color of grass and a turtle
Green is anger of some kind
It’s like it never existed
Green is good and green is bad
But without the color green you wouldn’t have this poem, would you?


Indian Cats

Indian cats
are awesome and cool
They look really really wierd though.
I think they're awesome, I also think they're
really cool

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Cats sleep
Cats like milk
Cats like eating grass
Cats like playing with yarn

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I know what happy means

I know what happy means!
It means...Uh,Uh,Uh.
OK, I take that back.
I don't know what happy means.

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Purple is the color of nail polish
and lovely bruises in the air
with the purple hats I wear
and purple eyes you have


1, 1 you are one years old
2, 2 you are two years old
3, 3 you are three years old
4, 4 you can't be four years old

Tigers Everywhere

I saw a tiger
at the mall
I saw a tiger
in my hall
I saw a tiger
with my ball
I saw a tiger
he's too tall

I found a tiger
on my wall
I found a tiger
then he falls
I found a tiger
I found them all


Loves me
I love him
He is truly cute


I love my mom
She went to the prom
With my dear father
He was not a bother
Three years later
They got a cat
Who got fat
Then they had me
Which equals three


History, history
I love history
Is cool, cool
Is fun, fun
History, history
I love history


Blue is rain
Blue is the ocean
Blue is tears
Blue is water

I Love Doggy

Doggy, doggy

I love


Doggy, doggy

is very nice.

Doggy, doggy

where are you doggy?

I found

I found
a monster truck
I found
a candy bar
I found
a computer
I found
a stick of dynamite
That's something
I wish I hadn't found


Girls can care for pets
Girls rock and they are awesome
They can run and sing


You always have a friend with you

A friend you can always count on,
A friend that helps you through hard times.

You always have a friend with you.


April Showers

April showers bring may flowers
but what do May flowers bring?
We may never know



Fall, Fall where are you?
I have been looking for three seasons.
Fall, Fall I can't find you
don't hide in that bush.
Fall, Fall I love you
please come out
and I will be happy.




Please is a nice word
Like to say please
Even say please to your family
Always say please
Say it a lot
Even say it with your friends



Yellow is honey
Yellow is nectar
Yellow is the color of an infant python
Yellow is the color ringing morning sun
Yellow is a color of a fish
Yellow is a primary, thick, shy stripe
Yellow is not an impudent color as black
Yellow is the seed of a lawn
Yellow is a French fry
Yellow is an Easter egg
Yellow is the mother of orange
Yellow is the smell of a candle glowing
Yellow is the color of lemon silk
Yellow is buzzing bee looking for a flower
Yellow is a king of blonde
Yellow is a crayon for coloring book
Yellow is a big sticky bee hive
Yellow is a twelve inch ruler
Yellow is a color in first and second grade (also kindergarten)
Yellow is the yolk of an egg
Yellow is a star of the cosmos
Yellow is our moon
Yellow is a folder
Yellow is a color of the rainbow
Yellow is a sun flower and dandelion.


Gray is the color of a tornado
Gray is also the color of an elephant
Gray is a pan and
A car sometimes


Yellow is the sun
Yellow is the folder you keep writing in
Yellow is a flower as bright as the sun
Yellow is the highlighter
Yellow is the color of the star


White, white, It’s
a spark in the wind. It’s
a shell of an egg. It’s
a cloud in the sky. It’s
the hot sun in the middle of the desert. It’s
a new baseball. It’s
a piece of paper that has a poem on it.


Blue is a beautiful sky moving along with the clouds
Blue is a fearless sea
Blue is the starting of a puddle
Blue is having fun in the sun cooling off
Blue is blue and nothing can change it


I'm Sailing Out on the Ocean

I'm sailing out on the ocean
I think I'm staying in motion
I'm staying in motion
Way outside in the ocean


I like fishy
Squishy is one of Fishy's friends
Hishy is also one of Fishy's friends
Yay, we are all best friends

The Sky

the sky is blue
the sky is black
the sky is back
the sky is orange
when the sunset is back
they sky is blue


The sighty sight can
not see as far
as the sightiest sighty sight
but the sightiest sighty sight
can not see as far
as the sightiest sightiest sighty sight

Ten Feet of Snow

Why do I have to stay in?
It's only ten feet of snow
Now I'm bored I couldn't go
The twenty-year old people do
Enough is it of staying inside
Really it's ten feet of snow

Drift Like The Wind

I am the wind so I
drift, drift, drift.
I am the wind so I
die, die, die.
I am the wind so I
push, push, push.
I am the wind



May is
Awesome unless
You're allergic to pollen


Bronze is the color of a penny
Bronze is sometimes a bridge
Bronze is the king of orange
Bronze is as sparkly as a diamond
Bronze is sometimes a book
Bronze is the color of the setting sun
Bronze is the color of halfway to fully tan
Bronze is a crayon that is called Bronze
Bronze smells like the evening

What is Pink?

Pink is the color of my new t-shirt
Pink is the color of a worm in the dirt

Pink is a shade of red
Pink is a ribbon on my head

Pink is porky little pig
Who is not very big

Pink is the flowers in the spring
Pink is the thing that wants to make me sing


Dog dog throw a stick
I'll bring it back

Dog dog throw a bone
I'll chew it up
You will get me another one

Dog dog I like dogs


The wind is cold cold cold
The snow is brr brr brr

The nose is going off going off
The sickness is no school no school


Lost lost lost your tooth
Lost lost lost your toy
Lost lost lost your shoes
Lost lost, I am lost.

Is A

A dog is a dog
and a cat is a cat
and a parrot is a parrot
and a fish is a fish
but you are not you without your own personality.

A Mighty Challenging Poem

This mighty challenging poem, this mighty challenging poem is so mighty challenging even the mightiest might might not be even close to finishing this mighty challenging poem.


Letter Count Cinquain

This student wanted to write a poem. He is the inspiration that caused this blog to be created. We are working on poetry, not a bad thing. We talked about Haiku, Tanka, Acrostic, rhyming and the various forms of Cinquain (the word count form; the noun,adj x 2, ing words x 3, phrase, noun tied somehow to the first one form and the syllable count form) we decided that we could try a new form. That is letter count. What we decided was 2,4,6,8,2.

Here is his poem.

drive a