Busy Summer, for some of us

It's been a busy summer here at Poemasabi Jr. HQ but most of it has been things other than poetry. To date our, your, work has been seen over 1900 times and in countries all around the world.

We have viewers in The United States, Russia, India, Australia and Germany which, if you think about it, is not bad for elementary student poets.

One poet has been busy however. That poet is Horsegirl who after a chance meeting at Starbucks, submitted eight delightful works that she had been creating this summer. So hats off to all who have participated so far and a big thanks to one young poet who provided fresh examples of wonderful poetry during our summer dry spell.



It's a pain when it rains
We can't have recess
We can't play outside
All we can do
Is sit and bake pie
It's raining so hard
We can't believe it
It's such a bore
Let's move to Cleveland!

Scratch 'N Sniff

I scratched and sniffed a book
It smelled like slimy slugs
It smelled liked roasted lady bugs
It smelled like friend flies
Oh wait, it's a book about bugs

I Forgot

I forgot this poem Yes , oh Yes, I did
I forgot this poem when I went to feed the pigs
It's OK to forget
All messed up and tublished
But don't forget this poem
Because it's getting published

Perfect Day

Golden Sun

Lots of Fun
The greenest grass
Transparent skies,  like glass
only a tiny bit of clouds
On a day like this, let's all be proud!

Drama King

The King loves to be the Boss
He banned sports when his team lost
The King said every girl should be named Rose
He ordered everyone to have six toes
Then finally the King's time was up
Now everyone does whatever they want

The Important Thing About Shoes

The important thing about shoes
is that they protect your feet
They can be fun and funky
Or they can be loose and chunky
Some give you blisters
Some save you from twisters
A few can win you the last treat
But the important thing about shoes is that they protect your feet


Friends are good. 
Friends are great.
Friends I really do appreciate.
A day without friends is like a year without fun.
It is a good thing that friends are for everyone!