Poemasabi Jr. was created in May 2011 by a staff member of a suburban Connecticut k-2 school. One day a student he was working with asked to write a poem with him. Voluntarily asking for unassigned work was inspirational as well as articles online about students and blogging like this one.

So, Poemasabi spun off Poemasabi Jr. as a place for teachers to publish works by students.

To get an idea as to the age of the poet you need to look for one-alpha/one-numeric codes in the labels. If the letter G comes first, then it is a student who is doing it as sort of recreation. So for instance Horsegirl's poems are stamped G4. She is in 4th Grade. If the number comes first then the poems were done in class. 2j would be a specific 2nd grade class, 1r a specific 1st Grade etc.

Please feel free to comment, they would love feedback. All comments are moderated and we ask that you use the author's pen name even if you know the author personally.

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